SPF: SEO for the Prudent & Frugal

I chose my blog’s new title, SEO for the Prudent & Frugal, and wanted to make myself an optimized header.    I created my branded header using PhotoShop 5 and an excellent HTML color code guide.  I chose the colors: turquoise, white, and goldenrod, because I intend to leverage my SEO skills to afford myself the opportunity to spend a lot more time is the sun, on white sand beaches, in tropical climates.

I wasn’t sure how to format the header text without editing the source code, so rather than have the text uncentered, and the wrong color, and font; I kept the header text, but made it invisible.  By keeping the text invisible, I can write the title out in the header image, without having to worry that the bot (crawler/robot/spider/etc.) may not be able to read it.

You may already know, but it’s worth mentioning, just in case: search bots can’t see images, they can only read text.  Therefore, if your header has your sites name in an image, but not written out in the source code, the bot can’t read it, and you lose the opportunity to rank for keywords.  Bots use keywords position, quantity, and density to determine how relevant your site is to the keyword you’re targeting.  As the header is the first thing a bot reads, after the domain name, if you don’t have your heading optimized for your  target keywords, or the heading is completely absent, you miss being able to establish relevance, and won’t rank well in organic search results for those keywords.  Even worse, if the search engine feels that you might be trying to pull a fast one by keyword-stuffing, your site could be penalized.

By making my header invisible, but still having it, the bots can read it even if the user can’t.  By giving my header image an alt description in the meta content, and naming the JPEG with a keyword-rich name, the bot know what the image in the header depicts.

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